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“On the last day, Chelsea made a great proposal and I accepted.”

To this a reporter replied: “You mean Manchester, right?”. “Yeah, Manchester, sorry!”



I have found out some information about the new game that is to be released by Konami (in Autumn).

Liverpool and Manchester United take over from Spurs and Newcastle as the licensed teams in the Premiership although there are rumours adrift of more Premier League licensing. Chelsea and Arsenal are also seem to be in the scene.

There is a new stadium in the game called ‘Wembley Stadium’. Again rumor holds that new stadiums are also being devoloped by Konami.

And the largest information leaked is the new “Become a Legend” mode which seems like a copy of FIFA’s “Be A Pro” mode.

Just watching the MLS All-stars versus West Ham game, and it’s been announced that two new teams will be added to the MLS structure. Speculation is that one of those two teams will be a Canadian team.

Chances are that it will be either Ottawa or Vancouver. Saying that it could also be Montreal. (You know how the French are). 😛

Anyways, if anyone else has any news on what team is going to be added, please do tell me.

This is a fine example of what football can do to a whole nation. From every single world cup there has been an unforgettable event. This video explains it all. Do listen to the comments on the side. They are quite hilarious.

These are some of the major rumors running around the web today;

  • Neither Chelsea or Arsenal have made an official approach for Zenit St Petersburg forward Andrei Arshavin, according to the Russian club – Barcelona are the only club in the running at the moment. (BBC Sport, 1250 BST)
  • Manchester City and Chelsea will lose the chase for Ronaldinho’s signature to Italian side AC Milan. (Clubcall, 1150 BST)
  • Real Madrid say they will allow Manchester United a clear run at luring Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov if they are allowed to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from the Old Trafford outfit. (Various)
  • Tottenham have had a £10m bid for Spartak Moscow striker Roman Pavlyuchenko rejected by the Russian side. (Daily Mirror)
  • Manchester City want an answer from Ronaldinho about whether he wants to move to the club. (Various)
  • Real Madrid will not give up their chase for Ronaldo and also want Chelsea striker Didier Drogba. (Daily Mirror)

Just yesterday Chelsea FC made their successful move of portuguese midfielder Deco, but just how good was this deal? Is 30 year old Deco really worth 9 million? Will Deco cope with the change which he will face in the English system?

Deco is a fantastic player, without doubt, he is a good signing for any club. But when you have a player like Lampard who has served the club tremendously well, is it right to bring another big name into the scene? We all know that there is a rumor going around about Lampard leaving for Inter Milan, but recently Mourinho has just denied that Lampard will be joining him this summer. Rather he has said

“For the next season it will be easier for him to join me at Inter. I’m 100% sure in 2009/2010 he will be playing here.”

So what’s with all the fuss? Was this a ploy made by Mourinho to worry Chelsea and possibly rush them into a signing? If it was, then it certainly seemed like it worked.