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For the last few days, the rumor of the departure of Lampard has exceeded to a level where sources began to start the bidding process. But today, Chelsea’s newly appointed Manager Luizhttps://i0.wp.com/www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/graphics/2008/06/11/ufnscolari111.jpg Felipe Scolari has said that Lampard wants to stay at Chelsea, and applauded Drogba as a player. This being a signal that Scolari will not let Lampard or Drogba leave the club.

I respect my players, I like my players as a family. I give them all that they need and I want respect for me and my staff. I want dedication. – Scolari

Another rumor is of Kaka’s transfer rumor and the huge bid that was supposedly laid down by Chelsea. But that was cleared up when AC Milan Technical Director Leonardo said;

We have not received an official bid for him. He is very close to AC Milan and has a very, very good relationship with the club.


Just yesterday Chelsea FC made their successful move of portuguese midfielder Deco, but just how good was this deal? Is 30 year old Deco really worth 9 million? Will Deco cope with the change which he will face in the English system?

Deco is a fantastic player, without doubt, he is a good signing for any club. But when you have a player like Lampard who has served the club tremendously well, is it right to bring another big name into the scene? We all know that there is a rumor going around about Lampard leaving for Inter Milan, but recently Mourinho has just denied that Lampard will be joining him this summer. Rather he has said

“For the next season it will be easier for him to join me at Inter. I’m 100% sure in 2009/2010 he will be playing here.”

So what’s with all the fuss? Was this a ploy made by Mourinho to worry Chelsea and possibly rush them into a signing? If it was, then it certainly seemed like it worked.