SportsBird – Peck your Sport

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Are you tired of missing news on your favorite sports team? If you are, then take a good look at Sportsbird (www.sportsbird.com). This news aggregator will let you see the latest headlines from the most trusted sphttps://i2.wp.com/i62.photobucket.com/albums/h92/Zohaib92/birdlogo.pngort sources, making it possible for you to catch up on everything that’s going on with your favorite team without having to visit multiple sites.

The most trusted sites are covered, and there’s even a picture gallery and latest youtube videos for you to see the latest happenings. Sports fans who don’t use RSS readers should find this site a great tool to keep up to date with their favorite teams. Like I said before, the site is a news aggregator; you won’t find any original content here (yet, there are plans for some). You can sort the news by sport, making it easier for you to find the headlines you really want to read.


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