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You do it once, it’s forgiven, you do it again, you get to sit out for a while, but you do it thrice, your out. That’s Asif’s story. Once again, we see Asif being tested positive for doping, now I might not know all of the story, but it seems like Asif can’t get away from this stuff. Not only is this hurting the country’s reputation, but it is hurting Asif. There is absouloutely no reason for a sportsman to take drugs while other people are working their asses off to get in to the team the right way.

The PCB has said that they will not interfere in the punishment that Asif recieves. I was thanking god the PCB did interfere in UAE, because anyone else would’ve not made it out alive. But did Asif learn a lesson? No.

Again and again the 2 (Akthar and Asif) have been in the media for the wrong news. The country isn’t doing all that well either. Suicide, expense, governmental issues are just some of the problems individuals are facing.

People blame Naseem Ashraf, the PCB, and even Musharraf. But when you have a person doing something wrong over and over and over again it’s safe to say that it’s that persons fault. We must understand that Ashraf has a job to do. Stuff like this isn’t exactly easy stuff to handle. Without a doubt, Asif and Akthar are excellent bowlers. Any team would love to have them in the side. But they are citizens of Pakistan, they are humans. So they should be treated like humans.

If any other person would have carried drugs in Pakistan the law states ;

The penalties for being convicted of Trafficking in illegal drugs can be punishable by the Death Penalty in Pakistan (according to travel.state.gov).

OK, that’s harsh, but usually you get jailed if you carry drugs. But Asif wasn’t just carrying them, in this case he was using them.

The biggest mistake that can be made now is letting Asif play for Pakistan again. It’s time that he gets what he deserves which in this case would be a life ban on him playing cricket.