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Pakistan get to host the Champions Trophy

Pakistan get to host the Champions Trophy

Finally good news arrives for Pakistani cricket fans. Recently the condition of Pakistan was, and still is, pretty bad. But when the conditions are bad, sports mainly cricket comes in as a lifesaver. Any news that would take us away from the bombings and expense is good news.

So today the ICC chose to keep the champions trophy in Pakistan. After a good decent Asia Cup in Pakistan where there were little security lapses it seems that Pakistan have been awarded the chance to hold the second biggest Cricketing event known to the world.

Unfortunately, there will be some players who will complain and decide not to participate in this event. But who cares about them? 😛


…of cricket and how stupid some people are. Shoaib Akthar has been included in the 30 man preliminary squad. I don’t know how happy you are but I for one feel sorry for those fans who are tired of seeing his face.

A bit Drugged?

Come on? Not again. Just look at the picture!

After his long history of drugs, violence, and abuse. We know that Shoaib will not turn suddenly turn into an angel and start acting like he should. So what should we do? On one end he’s a fantastic bowler, but on the other side he’s a little kid who is (probably) on drugs. The bowling attack looks to be short and rather harmless at first sight, but I still believe that in a population of 170 million there has to be another Shoaib Akthar, Wasim Akram, or Waqar Younis lying around.

In other news, we find that a lot of youngsters have been added into the 30 man preliminary squad. Ahmed Shehzad, the opening batsman who took part in the Under 19 squad, Mohammad Ali, a 18 year old seamer, Anwar Ali, who was the phenomenon who ripped apart the Indian Under 19 line up two world cup’s back, Mohammad Aamer, who has been highly regarded by Wasim Akram and is just 16, and Azhar Ali, who has had an outstanding first class season.