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If you haven’t seen these car commercials your missing out. These are the 5 most unique car commercials (I could find). You can also see more creative advertisement over here.

Famous Honda Commercial

This commercial was a super hit. Although most of the times you would see the cut down version of it, I was lucky enough to find the full version on Youtube. Legend is that it took hundreds of tries to get it right, but no one knows if it’s fake or real.

Audi RS4

This commercial brought a new sense into the picture. The sense of sound.

Mazda Tribute

Oh, who forgets this Mazda ad? It was the first time Mazda presented us with their famous jingle “Zoom Zoom”.

Nissan Capable

I wonder if anyone actually went to the dealer and asked him to ‘transform’ his car into a spider. Cause that would be cool. Anyways, this commercial is known for it’s creative animations.

Subaru Impreza WRX 2008

First time I saw this commercial I was laughing for minutes. The saying “Japanese car that the Germans wish they’d made” brings a smile on your face. I’m still waiting for the German response though 😛


Everyone looks for great looking wordpress themes that make their blog or site unique. After all that’s what WordPress is all about. But looking for themes can be challenging for anyone. There are some great themes hiding out there that need to be discovered and I’ve gone out to find them all. So starting from this post I’ve gathered some themes that I felt we should be more aware of. If you haven’t checked out my first list of great magazine style themes please do now. Part 2 of this post will be released later on.


While Bloxpress does look like any other random and plain WordPress theme it uses a unique interface which allows users to move or even delete Sections.


  • Nice and Plain
  • Interactive
  • Allows User Customizability


  • Sometimes too simple


Leia is a very graphic theme, that has space for a large banner as well as flicker pictures.


  • Large Banner
  • Flicker


  • Navigation isn’t perfect.
  • Isn’t Centered

Lifestyle Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine is a beautiful magazine style wordpress Theme. It’s bright, attractive, and offers a lot of goodies.


  • Bright Blue
  • A lot of Goodies
  • Customizable
  • Magazine Style


  • Could be too simple
  • Footer isn’t too great


Neoclassical is a nice simple, 3 column wordpress theme. It’s uniqueness is the banner. It is made so it can rotate images so you are allowed to have multiple banners.


  • Multiple Banners, rotation System
  • Plain and Simple
  • Useable


  • Could seem too plain at times

Sodelicious Black 1.0

Sodelicious Black 1.0 offers a dark, and electric feel. Looks great, and plays out to be great. The theme offers a nice electric blue sidebar, and a superb creative footer.


  • Dark and Electric
  • Great Footer
  • Good Navigation


  • A bit Plain

Part 2 to be published soon. 🙂