I have found out some information about the new game that is to be released by Konami (in Autumn).

Liverpool and Manchester United take over from Spurs and Newcastle as the licensed teams in the Premiership although there are rumours adrift of more Premier League licensing. Chelsea and Arsenal are also seem to be in the scene.

There is a new stadium in the game called ‘Wembley Stadium’. Again rumor holds that new stadiums are also being devoloped by Konami.

And the largest information leaked is the new “Become a Legend” mode which seems like a copy of FIFA’s “Be A Pro” mode.

Good day at the office.

Good day at the office.

The same name keeps appearing in front of our faces. Not because we choose to write it, but because he’s been a phonemon. He captured 4 wickets today on the third’s day’s play. The captured were Gambhir, Tendulkar, Ganguly, and Karthik.

The off spinner looks really good and is still showing us that he cannot be replaced. Mendis also bowled well and picked up the wicket of Dravid, who looks rather ‘out of touch’.

After the extremely good batting preformance by the Lankans, in where four batsmen scored centuries, the Indians have collapsed completely.  Their only hope now is Laxman and Kumble to avoid the follow on or the miracle of god (also known as rain).

Just watching the MLS All-stars versus West Ham game, and it’s been announced that two new teams will be added to the MLS structure. Speculation is that one of those two teams will be a Canadian team.

Chances are that it will be either Ottawa or Vancouver. Saying that it could also be Montreal. (You know how the French are). 😛

Anyways, if anyone else has any news on what team is going to be added, please do tell me.

If you haven’t seen these car commercials your missing out. These are the 5 most unique car commercials (I could find). You can also see more creative advertisement over here.

Famous Honda Commercial

This commercial was a super hit. Although most of the times you would see the cut down version of it, I was lucky enough to find the full version on Youtube. Legend is that it took hundreds of tries to get it right, but no one knows if it’s fake or real.

Audi RS4

This commercial brought a new sense into the picture. The sense of sound.

Mazda Tribute

Oh, who forgets this Mazda ad? It was the first time Mazda presented us with their famous jingle “Zoom Zoom”.

Nissan Capable

I wonder if anyone actually went to the dealer and asked him to ‘transform’ his car into a spider. Cause that would be cool. Anyways, this commercial is known for it’s creative animations.

Subaru Impreza WRX 2008

First time I saw this commercial I was laughing for minutes. The saying “Japanese car that the Germans wish they’d made” brings a smile on your face. I’m still waiting for the German response though 😛

Pakistan get to host the Champions Trophy

Pakistan get to host the Champions Trophy

Finally good news arrives for Pakistani cricket fans. Recently the condition of Pakistan was, and still is, pretty bad. But when the conditions are bad, sports mainly cricket comes in as a lifesaver. Any news that would take us away from the bombings and expense is good news.

So today the ICC chose to keep the champions trophy in Pakistan. After a good decent Asia Cup in Pakistan where there were little security lapses it seems that Pakistan have been awarded the chance to hold the second biggest Cricketing event known to the world.

Unfortunately, there will be some players who will complain and decide not to participate in this event. But who cares about them? 😛

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Twenty two overs and rain stops play. That’s cricket for you. It’s been raining all over the world.. Or atleast where I am and Colombo. Sometimes you wonder ‘why can’t they just play in rain?’. I mean it would save them tons of money, and it wouldn’t take the fun out either. Oh well that’s the ICC for you.

Warnapura drives the ball on the first days play.

Warnapura drives the ball on the first day's play.

Warnapura has played a good innings, he’s started his career off with a bang. Perfect replacement for Jayasuriya? Nah, Jayasuriya can never be replaced. From his stats though it seems like he can throw a ball too. 115 Frist class wickets for him at an average of 26.86. I don’t quite know the level of Cricket in Sri lanka though.

On another note, it’s good to see Zaheer Khan back. He’s a decent bowler. It bothers me when I see Ganguly bowling 5 overs when Kumble hasn’t bowled anything in the day’s play. It’s a bad time to play this test match because reports say that there is a chance of rain every single day of this week.